Topological Insulators

Topological insulators are a new phase of quantum matter that emerges due to topological twists in the band structure of some materials. Our work focusses on the search for new topological materials using transport and spectroscopic techniques.

Unconventional Superconductors

Unconventional superconductors like cuprates, iron-pnictides and heavy fermion superconductors are examples of emergent states of matter that derive their amazing properties from the collective behaviour of interacting electrons. Despite the many differences between these materials, superconductivity seems to always occur near magnetically ordered phases leading to highly similar phase diagrams. Using transport experiments, ARPES, STM and optical spectroscopy we are searching for smoking-gun evidence of the interactions leading to superconducting instabilities.

Singular physics of 1D wires

The main objective of this FOM programme is to realize, study, understand and ultimately tailor the physical properties of one‐ dimensional (electron) systems.

Complex Oxides

The prime objective of the FOM program proposed here is to address various of the most essential challenges, relating in particular to the exploration of novel quantum transport features and to the tailoring of complex oxide 2-DEGs for potential applications.